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NEW: Cosmetic bottle 200ml

Meet the newest addition to our modern cosmetic bottle and jar range: Cosmetic Bottle 200ml (CFL-200)!

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Celebrating our 25th anniversary

On May 15th, we celebrated our 25th anniversary. We’d like to thank our customers in over 70 countries for their support.

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Find the most suitable packaging for your product and start benefiting from violetglass. Each Miron violetglass series has multiple container sizes, as well as a variety of matching closures.

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Cosmetic jars

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Apothecary jars

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Your natural products will love violetglass

Elegant, luxurious and beautifully designed, Miron's violetglass will enhance your creations aesthetically and energetically. The applications for the glass are as diverse as nature. Learn how Miron violetglass can work for you.

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More than luxurious glass

Miron violetglass may look like black glass from the outside, though it is much more than that. Visually when glancing at Miron glass close to a light source you will see the beautiful violet color that gives Miron's product its unique look. Invisible to the human eye, part of UVs, infrared but also biophotons and energy is known to play a role in improving the products stored in Miron violetglass.

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