Preserving the essence of natural products

MIRON’s violet glass is biophotonic glass packaging. Its unique properties filter light to both protect and revitalize natural products, drastically extending their shelf life.

Market segments

  • Cosmetics & Skincare

    Active in clean beauty? Discover our bottles and jars for hand, face, hair and body care, serums, home fragrances, and other beauty products.

  • Foods & Apothecary

    Protect your high-quality olive oils, spices & herbs, honey, superfoods, tea & coffee with our violetglass' unique properties to prolong shelflife.

  • Natural healing

    Make sure the potency of your "hemp oil", tinctures, essential oils, homoeopathic & medicinal products remains optimal to ensure delivering on its promise.

  • Nutrition, Health & Well-being

    Personal health is vital. It is therefore important to store your vitamins, supplements and extracts, medicinal and treatment oils in the best possible way.

  • Drinks

    Optimize bio-energetic values and prolong shelflife for any kind of liquids, including water, syrups, (alcohol-free) spirits, wine, juices.

Large bottles
Wideneck jars
Small bottles

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Co-creating unique packaging

The packaging is an important part of your product. From the production process to the identity of your brand. At MIRON, we have more than 25 years of experience with thousands of customers in more than 70 countries. Our product specialists can provide you with technical and commercial advice in order to create your packaging concept in detail and make it work for you. Don't hesitate to contact us.


  • Custom designs
  • Moulding & tooling
  • Decoration & printing
  • Material finishing effects
  • Finding the right closures
  • Finding the right accessoires

MIRON, a family business
Four years after its 1995 founding in Switzerland, MIRON Violetglass was brought to the attention of the family de Boer. Because of his mother Eelkje’s health issues, Evert de Boer began…

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