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The landscape of consumer health and nutrition is rapidly shifting. Consumers are looking to make changes to their personal health by making active changes in daily behaviors with the aim to lead more balanced lifestyles and maintain mental health. Many of them are focused on eating a balanced meal with a focus on natural/organic products, seeking a diet that emphasizes low sugar, low carbohydrates, low calories, and high protein - often including locally sourced, non/low processed organic foods and vegan products in their diets. 

Consumers want to give their bodies and fitness regimes additional support via nutritional supplements, seeking convenient methods of getting nutrients and vitamins through supplements to focus on health and wellness rather than needing treatment after the fact.

Key trends include ‘sustainable & environmentally-friendly’ nutrition, ‘vegan & plant-based’ nutrition, and ‘personalized nutrition & biohacking’. There are few consumer products more personal than what you eat and what you need to stay vital. Tailored all-natural personalized nutrition is on the rise and requires packaging that ensures its potency and life span to the fullest.

Product range

Cosmetic bottles

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Apothecary jars


Discover our wide range of small bottles, ideal to store OTC health care, syrups, liquid vitamins, supplements, treatment oils or other liquids.



Our jars are ideal packers for personal health products such as vitamins, food supplements, and other nutritional aids for personal health care.


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apothecary jars

Go back to basics, with our classic apothecary jars of various shapes and sizes used to store and preserve crude and compounded drugs, in both dry and liquid forms. 


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Make sure to select the right closure with proper sealing or any other requirement to keep your personal health products properties optimally protected.



Lifestyle brand her1 disrupted the dietary supplement industry by developing a 100% natural probiotic powder mix for women packed in MIRON glass. Founder Chanyu Xu shares her journey about creating her1's unique pink powder mix and finding the best packaging solution: sustainable, premium, and preservative MIRON 400ml SATURN jars.