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Meet the next generation of dietary supplements by Hormetiq Forest

In the dark and colder days of the year, everyone has to pay a little extra attention to their health. Good nutrition, adequate sleep, and relaxation help to maintain your fitness. The stylish Polish brand Hormetiq Forest is paving the way with the next generation of dietary supplements to assist the body in protecting, recovering , and maintaining itself. Learn more about this new generation of dietary supplements.


How Inlight Beauty founded the organic beauty movement in Britain

Inlight Beauty is known for fusing nature's alchemy, modern science, and green chemistry to produce 100% organic and all-natural skincare that works not only on the skin but with it. Being known as the father of Britain's organic beauty movement, founder Dr. Mariano Spiezia is an absolute pioneer in the clean beauty industry. Read Inlight Beauty's story about being the first to commit to organic and clean beauty products. And about their journey to finding violet glass to preserve their product's vitality and energetic value.


her1 disrupts dietary supplement industry

Lifestyle brand her1 disrupted the dietary supplement industry by developing a 100% natural probiotic powder mix for women packed in MIRON glass. Founder Chanyu Xu shares her journey about creating her1's unique pink powder mix and finding the best packaging solution: sustainable, premium, and preservative MIRON 400ml SATURN jars.