Glass water bottles

Our glass water bottles are used for any kind of liquids – be it syrups, juices, water, etcetera. Next to retail, the bottles are often used by restaurants, hotels, offices, and gyms to store and serve healthy cold water to their customers in a luxurious way. The glass packaging bottles retro look bottles Aquarius come in 4 sizes (100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1l ) and we also have sleek looking bottle Aguila in the capacity of 500 ml. The smaller drink bottles are also applicable for personal or home care use; e.g. soap dispensers, home fragrance trigger sprays, but also when your product is done, as a vase or a re-fill interior water bottle. All our water bottles are round-shaped and offer different types of lids or screw caps. We offer even a child-resistant screw cap. According to classic Greek mythology, Aquila was the eagle that carried the thunderbolts of Zeus. Aquarius was recorded in the second century by the Greek astronomer Ptolemy. Its name means ‘cupbearer’ or 'water bearer' in Latin. These well-designed glass bottles give a very luxurious and elegant touch to the product while protecting the water against harmful rays of light.

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All quantities are rounded to the number of pieces per safe packs.

Why is water best stored in Miron Glass?

Water is life-essential in many ways. Every human being consists of two-thirds of water or liquid. Even the earth is two-thirds water. Not only does every human cell consist of water but it is also surrounded by it. This surrounding liquid is responsible for the nourishment of the cell and the removal of waste in it. The functioning of the body, therefore, largely depends on the quality of this liquid in our body. The quality determines if the body is admissible to invaders such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites.

Water has intrigued many scientists due to its unique characteristics. Frozen water has less weight then fluid water, while other products weigh more in fluid condition compared to solid condition. For this reason, ice floats on water. Water rises from springs despite the laws of gravity. Water has healing powers as can be witnessed in homoeopathic medications. Water itself can even be healing itself as many people have found cures through the waters of Lourdes. Dr. Emoto has become one of the well-known researchers of water, including the water of Lourdes, after his visit there.

Dr. Masuru Emoto became world-famous with his sensational discovery and photography of water crystals. He discovered that water builds different types of crystals that can have different levels of coherence with highly disorganized and chaotic on one end of the spectrum and beautifully ordered and highly coherent on the other end. The water of Lourdes e.g. is very well ordered and pristine.

Mostly through light energy, nature is perfectly capable of putting water into order. The more biophotons water contains, the more ordered it looks. The more ordered water is, the better it can perform certain tasks like disposing of waste in a living cell, absorb temperature changes, and protect against negative energetic influences.

For a healthy life, humans need to consume about 1,5 to 2 litres of water a day. Unfortunately, most water is unstructured in quality that it is dead water. The more the water is structured the better it is for the human body.

Water can improve its structure if it is stored in Miron bottles and exposed to sunlight. With the improved structure, water will also become softer and sweeter and, thus, arguably, tastes better than common bottled water.

Child-resistant screw cap

The child-resistant tamper-evident protect children from the contents of your container with a secure, child-resistant closure, with a pushdown and turn mechanism. Child-Resistant closures (CR closures) are required by law in many applications in order to protect children from opening bottles containing content that could be harmful to them, like for instance a CBD-oil. A tamper-evident band or security ring serves as a tamper-resistant or tamper-evident function to a screw cap, lid, or closure. It is a plastic or metal structure around the circumference of the closure that is found attached below a closure in bottles, jars, and tubs. Tamper evident caps and tamper-evident closures give consumers confidence in the product you are producing by assuring that it's safe for use. Tamper-evident caps are the best way to have that assurance. If the seal or ratchet on a tamper-evident cap is broken, it indicates tampering. Tamper-evident lids also help to keep out contaminants that may end up in otherwise poorly sealed products during transport, storage, and display. The screw caps are available with an integrated insert as an option or with a violet sealing element.