Dropper Caps

We stock a generous selection of vertical droppers in various shapes and sizes, that go hand in hand with our glass bottles. The collection includes dropper caps, with an opening diameter varying between 0.7 to 3.0 mm. Dropper caps allow you to dispense liquids in a controlled manner, making it the ideal closure for everything from pharmaceuticals to fragrances, which both require a controlled flow and drip rate.

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Series II, III, IIID

The series number indicates the shape of the cap and the tamper-evident element of the dropper caps. For instance, II suggests that the closure has a tamper-evident ring attached to the closure, the cap is only made from one material/mold, and it has 4-6 ridges on the side. Series III has a thicker rim and features a more luxurious tamper-evident element. This series is made from multiple molds, which means that a different system of tamper-proofing is used, consisting of retention fingers instead of ridges on the tear strip, making it less easy to manipulate. Series IIID is entirely the same as III, except that it has a smooth surface.

Type S-I, S-II

S-1 and S-II refer to the length of the air nozzle, which is the spout at the bottom of the dropper. When making a selection, it’s always advisable to test the performance of this product with your contents, as the substance of your product may be influential in choosing the right type.

Let’s talk about threads

...But what exactly are threads?

Simply put, threads are the protruding lines around the neck of the bottle. They ensure that the matching closure will have a tight fit to protect your natural products from being tampered with or from leakage. The thread size depends on the size of the bottle neck as well as our closures. Our bottles and jars and corresponding closures must have matching threads. If in doubt, it’s always advisable to contact our sales department.


DIN is the industry standard for dropper bottles in Europe, and DIN18 is the German-based norm. It refers to the standard size of the neck, height and diameter. Pump caps with a DIN18 threaded closure go hand in hand with any Orion dropper bottle up to 100 ml, that features the DIN18 thread and a tamper-evident transfer ring. The perfect choice to ensure product safety.


GPI and GCMI are the US norm for neck finishes and are followed by two numbers written like this: 22/400*. The first number indicates the neck finish diameter and is measured across the outside of the bottle’s threads. The second number refers to the height and thread style. Meaning the number of thread turns around the neck. Simply match the GPI or GCMI code listed in the product description to purchase the correct corresponding items.
* Please note that if a bottle has an additional ring on the neck, this may affect the choice of matching closure. For more details, please get in touch with your MIRON representative.


PP (polypropylene) falls under the plastic identification code number 5. The material is easily produced and has a high degree of purity. It comes with a range of benefits: it’s difficult to break, lightweight and 100% recyclable. Due to its properties, PP is suitable for various applications, including food, cosmetic and natural healing product packaging.

At MIRON Violetglass we ensure that our closures always fit the corresponding bottles and jars. However, sometimes it can be a bit of a challenge to find the right closure that fits the needs of your natural ingredients. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have and to become a part of your product journey.

For more information about threads, visit our Neck Finishes Explained guide.