Sunlight is essential to life. Humans, animals, plants, and products that originate from nature can’t exist without the vitality of sunlight. But too much sunlight can be harmful to any organism. By using the positive influence of sunlight, we maximize the quality and lifespan of a product. And by using sustainable materials, we minimize our impact on the planet. This supports our mission to bring sunlight back to the people and to let them re-embrace the power of natural products and food. 

Active packaging

In today’s society, packaging has become an important issue. To preserve products over continuously increasing shipping routes, more packaging is needed. But plastic is environmentally harmful. Glass packaging is a better choice from a preservation as well as an environmental point of view, because of its capability to keep important ingredients intact and its long-lasting using ability.

Miron Glass is even better for the environment than ‘normal’ glass packaging because it succeeds to maintain the quality of products for a longer period of time. The shelf life of products is improved and therefore, there will be less waste. More important, our glass is 100 percent recyclable and can easily be re-used at home for storing products.  

Our customers truly believe in the importance of natural products for a healthier lifestyle. Many of them are active in projects that assist people to improve their health and wellbeing.  

If your company chooses MIRON Glass you will be able to contribute to environmental sustainability as follows: 

  • By extending the shelf life of products reduces use of resources and waste.
  • Less additives are needed to extend shelf life. 
  • MIRON Glass is a natural product with protective qualities 
  • MIRON Glass is recyclable 
  • MIRON Glass is perfect for re-use at home to store a large range of products. 

Which products can be packed in biophotonic glass? 

Miron Glass is ideal for products with a high level of biophotons. A few examples are enriched water, homeopathic remedies, natural cosmetics, essential oils, herbal preparations, honey, and olive oil. Other packaging does not have the ability to prevent the escape of biophotons as effectively as Miron Glass.

We also cater to producers of natural fresh foods full of vitamins and minerals, such as superfoods and power foods (think of raw cacao beans, goji berries, and spirulina). What all these products have in common, is that they are enriched with a very high amount of nutrients that offer the most health benefits.