Pump caps

MIRON offers a selection of high-quality pump caps in various styles to go with the items of the violet glass bottles family. The collection includes pump caps that dispense products in small amounts between 0,10 ml to 0,19 ml. These are mostly used for cosmetics or medicated lotions and are also called cosmetic dispensers, gel or treatment pumps. For products to be dispensed in larger quantities such as lotions, personal care products, soaps, shampoos or conditioners, MIRON carries regular/high output dispense pump caps with a dose volume of 0,50 ml. The pump caps can be locked with either a twist lock mechanism or a protective cap.

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Lees verder Standard pump caps


Lees verder Metropolitan pump caps


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Extended nozzle


Custom service

Some pump caps are available with multiple pre-cut dip tube length options that each fit a specific MIRON bottle size. The other pump caps come with a standard dip tube length that only fits the highest bottle with corresponding neck finish. For these pump caps, a custom trim is required and can be provided by MIRON upon request. The trimming service guarantees that the pump cap will match the corresponding MIRON bottle you selected.

All black MIRON pump caps are available in stock. Other colors can be ordered on request and might be subject to larger MOQs and longer lead times.