The company Miron

Since 1995, Miron is the exclusive producer of the unique and patented violetglass.
Meet our company and find out it's mission and values brought to you by a team of passionate people.

Miron's mission

Miron's mission is to let people embrace the power of 'living' natural products and food, and to use the positive influence of sunlight to enhance their quality of life by accelerating the adoption and everyday use of biophotonic violetglass packaging with the goal to maximise the quality and lifetime of the product in it and minimise the impact on our planet.

The three values of Miron


We strive to create a personal relationship with every customer, attending to each customer’s unique project and product needs.


Excellence in all areas, from the initial phone call or email to the final logistics.


Quality for our customers by maintaining a high level of commitment to excellence in all areas- from manufacturing to sales, sales to logistics.

Miron today

Miron Violetglass’ entire line of containers and closures are European in origin. The Violetglass is manufactured in two highly specialized European production facilities, both having a centuries old tradition of glass blowing. Knowledge gleaned from generations of glass production are now combined with modern, efficient production techniques.

"Customers in over 70 countries"

Miron violetglass is currently exported to over 75 countries worldwide. Thousands of companies pack their natural cosmetics, essential oils, homeopathics, medications, flower essences, vitamins, superfoods, teas, spices, honey, oils, water and many other products in Miron violetglass. Miron is proud to serve both innovative startups with new creations, as well as established companies ready to upgrade their packaging solution. Since 2016, Miron operates its own logistics center in Hoogeveen, The Netherlands. All products are shipped directly to the customers from there, with the exception of the North American and Australian markets, where distributors serve the customers directly.

Miron, a family business

Four years after its 1995 founding in Switzerland, Miron Violetglass was brought to the attention of the family de Boer. Because of his mother Eelkje’s long time health issues-which had stumped modern medicine- Evert de Boer began to explore the path of natural medicine. Mother Eelkje was eventually diagnosed with Celiac disease. She was seriously ill, weighing only 40 kilo's (88 lbs) at one point. Eelkje’s holistic doctor advised her to move to a Mediterranean country for more contact with the sun. In support of his mother at this critical juncture, Evert sold his retail business and moved with her to the Algarve in Portugal. With the increased exposure to the life-enhancing properties of sunlight, sun enriched foods, and Miron Sun Remedies, Evert's mother step by step regained her vitality. Amazed by these results, and intrigued by the phenomenal violet glass, Evert decided to further investigate the properties of the violet glass.

Together, mother and son began to support what they called The Project Miron. With their funding, Miron Sun Healing Remedies was able to further produce remedies on Cyprus and Mallorca, and to finance new productions of the Miron Violetglass- the only vessel the Sun Healing Remedies could be stored in. Over time, Evert decided to shift his leisure life in Portugal to the challenges of the new start-up company and became more and more involved in The Project Miron. In 2006, Evert became CEO of Miron and started transforming the company with an eye to also maintaining its authenticity. His goal was to spread the fascinating violet glass further around the world. While working at Miron, Evert met Dr. Hugo Niggli a friend of Prof. Fritz Albert Popp who performed pioneering research in biophotonics. These two scientists executed experiments in human cells in order to show biological ultraweak light emission. In collaboration with Dr. Niggli and Prof. Popp and later with Prof. Dr. Roeland and Eduard Van Wijk (father and son), Miron has conducted several tests using analysis with biophotons. In short, a beneficial influence on the biophotonic light quality of products stored in Miron glass was found. In 2012, the familial involvement in Miron grew further when another Evert de Boer, cousin of the initial Evert (whom we now call Evert G.) joined the project as an investor and member of the management team. Subsequently both Evert's moved the company from Switzerland to Hoogeveen (the Netherlands), their hometown. Together, the two Everts share the same goal of changing the world by spreading the message of Violetglass from generation to generation.

Miron violetglass, a family business