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Our speciality range includes the Miron bowl Polaris. It has a size of 100 ml, both the base and the lid are made of Miron Violetglass, and has a special meaning for Miron as it was the first item produced after its founding back in the year 1995, to protect their productions of sun remedies produced in Cyprus. Due to the wide opening, the bowl can be used to store high-quality products that require on and off sunlight or air or easy access for turning or extracting. This unique glass bowl can be used to store essential natural ingredients, such as rose petals or dried herbs like; tea, basil, bay leaf, et cetera. It can also be used to soak products. As used to be done with making perfume. The round shape provides enough space for valuable ingredients and gives a feeling of space. 

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All quantities are rounded to the number of pieces per safe packs.

Origin Polaris

The bowl owes his name after the Pole Star or North Star, Polaris is famous for holding nearly still in our sky while the entire northern sky moves around it. It is our origin and guidance. Polaris is the one star that (nearly) doesn’t move. The classic method to find Polaris is to use two stars in the Big Dipper — Dubhe and Merak — as “pointers.” These two stars form the right-hand end of the “bowl” or “dipper” part of Ursa Major. Drawing an imaginary line in your mind from these two stars will point you straight to Polaris. 

Grinded lid

The Polaris bowl comes with a custom dark-coloured grinded lid.  The lid of the Polaris glass bowl makes the glass airtight. These well-designed products give a very luxurious and elegant touch to the products while protecting them against harmful rays of light. 

Specialities Miron Violetglass

Miron Violetglass offers a wide range of bottles and jars with accompanying closures, pumps caps, spray caps, pipette droppers and other accessories to customers in over 70 countries. Miron glass is widely recognized as the ideal packaging for companies selling natural cosmetics, esoteric oils, olive oil, honey, tea, spices, syrup, flower essences, CBD, superfoods, vitamin supplements, homoeopathic medications, and many other natural products. Miron helps businesses with their total packaging solution, with excellent service and fast delivery as a result of the vast storage of most products.