Miron offers a selection of high-quality pipette droppers. Often called eye droppers, they allow to dose a product drop by drop, applying it accurately in the amount and on the location required. A dropper also ensures that your product does not get contaminated during use. Indeed, only the drop will touch the specific body part (skin, mouth, etc.) concerned which leaves the pipette intact. This glass pipettes are great for dispensing a variety of applications and solutions such as CBD oils, aromatherapy blends, essential oils, fragrance oils, serums, beard oils, pharmacy, healthcare and laboratory use. They are the perfect match for our eye dropper bottles also known as dropper/pipette bottles Orion. A pipette dropper is generally made from three parts: a rubber bulb, a hole cap (the body), and the pipette.

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All quantities are rounded to the number of pieces per safe packs.

Rubber bulb

The bulb is made out of rubber and controls the dosage. So, simply put: The bigger the bulb, the bigger the dosage. The pipette bulb comes in different sizes and indicates how many millilitres can be sucked in by squeezing it. And that's what the number stands for 0.4, 0.7, and 1.0 refers to the amount of ml.

The difference between TPE and NBR? TPE stands for thermoplastic elastomer and is the standard bulb most commonly used for alcohol-based and low acidity level products that can't damage the rubber bulb. NBR, nitrile rubber bulb, is a specialized bulb for oil-based and high acidity liquids.
If you wonder what acidity level is high or low, the answer is not as straightforward as it may seem. A general rule of thumb is: The purer the product, and the fewer oils or alcohols are added, the higher the acidity level. But every product is different. We advise you to test your product with both bulbs first.

Hole cap (the body)

There are Type III and child-resistant (CR) tamper-evident caps. Tamper-evident means that they have a plastic ring at the bottom of the cap that breaks after the first time opening. They act as quality control for the customer. An intact ring means the bottle has not been opened before.
The child-resistant cap needs to be pushed down and turned to open. When it comes to deciding which cap is best for your natural product, the main question is if the content needs to be protected from children. CBD products, for example, often need CR closures.


Just as the bulb, the size of the glass tube is essential for getting the dosage right. Either the glass tube holds the right amount of millilitres, or the tube is marked to help your customer's dosage.
The length is also relevant because it needs to match the bottle's height to ensure you reach the bottom. If the pipette cannot reach the bottom, some of the precious product remains in the bottle.
Straight versus bent spherical tip? The main difference is that the bent spherical tip shape creates perfect drops of your product when dropped out. The straight shape releases all product at once. The straight shape is mostly used when a volume rather than a specific number of drops is relevant.