Dropper bottles

The Orion glass bottle droppers, also known as pipette bottles have a DIN18 thread and a round shape with its short-curved shoulders. With this shape, it is not without reason that this glass packaging bottles design series is named after the most, unique, recognizable constellation 'hunter'. The glass dropper bottle is designed in such a way that the slope of the round shoulder allows products to easily slide out of the bottle when tipped. In combination with our pipettes, it is perfect for your cosmetic products such as concealer, foundation, but also care products such as exfoliant, oils, serums and lotions. For more medical use, it can also be used for CBD oil, eye drops and homoeopathic oils. The Miron Violetglass improves the quality of your luxury products, which is why it can also be used for food products, such as concentrated oils or aromas. Miron offers an extensive range from 5 ml glass dropper bottles to 200 ml glass dropper bottles.

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Why are your products best stored in our Miron Glass dropper bottles?

Cosmetic products and food products often have an expiration date. The quality can deteriorate quickly. This is a waste of the luxury products you offer. Concealers and foundations dry up and the substance of care products changes. Our Miron bottle ensures that the quality of the product improves and the product lasts longer. That makes Miron an unique glass jars wholesale. The black glass Miron dropper bottles are the must-have for your customer's bathroom or kitchen. When the product is finished, they can re-fill it or use it as an interior item. All our products are therefore environmentally friendly. 

24/410 thread and DIN18 thread 

The dark glass bottles have a DIN168/GL18 thread, except for the 200 ml that comes in GCMI24/410. DIN is the industry standard for dropper bottles in Europe. GPI and GCMI are the US norm of threads and are followed by two numbers written like this: 22/400. The first number indicates the thread diameter, the second one the height and thread style. Because you can use our glass dropper bottles with different closures, this is perfect for dosing liquids such as etheric oils and pharmaceutical substances. For instant; the dropper bottles can also be used in combination with matching items such as pipettes and nasal & ear sprays. 

Tamper-evident closure 

Miron Violet Glass distinguishes itself as a unique glass jars wholesaler. We are happy to think along with you and your customer by offering different glass jars and glass bottles with the necessary tools. Due to the DIN18 thread, the dropper bottle ideal for a wide variety of uses and allows compatibility with a large selection of closures. The standard neck size features a tamper-evident transfer-ring that permits the use of tamper-evident and non-tamper-evident caps. A tamper-evident cap allows customers to identify if a bottle has been opened before thanks to a band, initially attached to the cap, that cracks at first opening.