Spray caps

MIRON stocks a selection of high-quality fine mist sprayers to be paired with its violet glass bottle family. The aim of fine misters is to gently spray substances over a larger area avoiding them to soak or saturate. They can be used for fragrances, air fresheners, facial mists, skincare, cosmetics, toners, and many more applications for which only a thin layer of product is necessary. MIRON’s misters may be protected by a transparent or black overcap that reduces the risk of contaminating the substance by preventing dirt and dust to settle in the nozzle. They may also be controlled with a twist lock mechanism.

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Lees verder Spray caps with black overcap

Black overcap

Lees verder Spray caps with transparent overcap

Transparent overcap

Lees verder Euromist spray caps



Custom service

Some spray caps are available with multiple precut diptube length options that each fit a specific MIRON bottle size. The other sprayers come with a standard diptube length that only fits the highest bottle with corresponding neck finish. For these misters a custom trim is required and can be provided by MIRON upon request. The trimming service guarantees that the spray cap will match the corresponding Miron bottle that you selected.

All MIRON’s spray caps are available in stock in the color black. Other colors can be ordered on request but go in pair with larger MOQs and longer lead times.