Natural healing

Natural healing covers a full range of natural health and wellness products, ranging from herbal supplements and essential oil blends to tinctures and cannabis-based oils & creams, such as CBD (cannabidiol) oil. Packaging is important for nearly every product. When it comes to Natural Healing, and more specifically - CBD products, it is even more critical. CBD and the other constituents of hemp (such as terpenes) are extremely fragile compounds.

When it comes to the primary packaging of natural healing products, the most important thing is to protect the product against light, heat and air exposure, because they all play a part in the breakdown of the potency of its contents like natural cannabinoids (CBD).

Legal cannabis quickly became a phenomenon in the US and has sparked legalization and regulatory conversations across the globe. The major personal care, cosmetics, food, and beverage companies are on their way to incorporating cannabis-infused consumer products in this growing market. Cannabis packaging typically needs to be secure and sealed, and many states require child-proof or child-resistant packaging. Over 25 countries have legalized medical marijuana and Canada legalized recreational marijuana.

Product range

Dropper bottles

Cosmetic bottles

Wide jars

Standard jars


Our DIN18 dropper bottle, inspired by the Boston Round shape, is designed in such a way that the slope of the round shoulder allows products to easily slide out of the bottle when tipped. It's perfect for any kind of oil or serum, and has a full range of functional closures that go with it.



Violet Glass is nonporous, impermeable and environmentally-friendly.; glass packaging has zero chance of chemically interacting with its contents, so package your natural healing creams or powders in our glass containers - to ensure their quality and shelf life, both at your stores and in consumers’ homes. Choose packaging that can be secure and sealed, and when required child-proof or child-resistant.


Closures &

Make sure you pick the right closure accompanying your bottle or jar to ensure the packaging delivers the right experience to your consumer and complies with differing and rapidly changing regulations.