Cosmetics & skincare

If you are active in natural skincare, organic cosmetics, clean beauty, and/or wellness products, you’d want a packaging that protects its contents, prolongs its functioning, and still looks stunning. Clean, clinical, simple, functional, modern, thought-provoking, and minimalistic are descriptors often used in personal & home care product developers’ wish lists. The packaging should reflect its simply formulated products inside, mirroring the clean, clinical-grade natural ingredients, conveying the true purity of the natural ingredients contained within each of the bottles or jars. MIRON glass is not purely an aesthetic choice, though. It serves a vital and practical function, key to maintaining the quality of natural formulas. 

“Plants, especially essential oils, become negatively impacted by light, so for their protection, we have chosen MIRON glass—currently the gold standard when it comes to preserving botanicals." – a satisfied MIRON customer.

Product range

Dropper bottle

Cosmetic bottle

Wide jar

Standard jar


Make your beauty brand stand out with our luxurious cosmetics bottles. Protect your natural and clean beauty product in an elegant way, available in bottles ranging from 15 ml (1/2-oz) up to a 200 ml (6 ¾-oz) size, for all your applications be it serums, lotions, sanitizers, fragrances or oils. 



Our cosmetic jar series serves as the ideal primary packaging for products for cleansing, beautifying, and promoting an enhanced appearance such as creams, balms, masks, scrubs, salves, or butters.



Closures perform a variety of functions based on the size and contents of the container they are sealing. For the cosmetics market, we offer all relevant closures, such as pumps, pipettes, sprays, caps, and other accessories.