Foods & apothecary

Packaging food, food ingredients, spices, herbs, and so on, is of utmost importance in today’s time. The right package will protect food quality as well as attract customers. Preventing food from spoiling and give them a longer shelf life is crucial, and making sure its bio-energetic values are prolonged will ensure that taste, smell, and appearance stay optimal. MIRON offers a range of bottles and jars to suit any kind of high-quality food and apothecary product.  

Product range

Oil bottles

Apothecary jars


Wideneck jars

Oil Bottles

Our glass oil bottles are perfect for storing high-quality natural oils such as olive oil, seed oil, vegetal oil, essential oils. Accompanying pourer caps will complete our unique patented MIRON glass bottles. 


Low jars

The low jar series serves as the ideal primary packaging for storing herbs, seeds, flowers, spices, and much more. Stack several low jars in a rack and the result will be stunning in every kitchen.



Our jars are ideal packers to store high-quality products such as spices, extracts, seeds, honey, superfoods, powders, teas, coffee, and much more. They come in different sizes and height, so suitable for any purpose.


Specialties &
apothecary jars

Back in the days, apothecary jars of various shapes and sizes were used to store and preserve crude and compounded drugs, in both dry and liquid forms. Nowadays, they still have that function, but because of its elegant design can be also used for home fragrancing or bath salt type of applications. 



MIRON Violetglass offers a wide range of accompanying closures, caps, lids, sprays, pumps, and other accessories to complete your primary packaging.