Protect your natural ingredients with Miron glass

If you are active in natural skincare, organic cosmetics, or clean beauty, you’d want a packaging that protects its contents, prolongs its functioning, and still looks stunning.

Active glass to prolong quality

Clean, clinical, simple, functional, modern, thought-provoking, and minimalistic are descriptors often used in personal care product developers' wish lists. The packaging should reflect its carefully formulated products inside, mirroring the clean, natural formulas, conveying the true purity of the natural ingredients within each bottle or jar. Miron glass is not purely an aesthetic choice, though. It serves a vital and practical function, key to maintaining the quality of natural formulas.

"Plants, especially essential oils, become negatively impacted by light, so for their protection, we have chosen Miron glass — currently the gold standard when it comes to preserving botanicals." – a satisfied Miron customer.

Product range

Child-resistant jars

Standard jars

Dropper bottles

Cosmetic bottles

Preserving the essence of natural products

Let's take the hibiscus flower as an example. This plant has an intriguing reputation for its natural source of alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs), which are known to gently exfoliate the skin, increase skin elasticity and boost moisture levels. To preserve the vitality of valuable skincare products like this, Miron Violetglass offers unique biophotonic bottles and jars. They look brilliant and work ingeniously like a natural filter. Blocking harmful rays, letting in only the beneficial rays of light – violet light, non-visible UVA, and infrared light - to protect the pureness of all ingredients inside, allowing your products to be their best selves to the very last drop.

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