Award-Worthy Products Call for Award-Worthy Packaging

It’s often said that a great product sells itself. However, it’s almost certainly true, that a great product in great packaging will sell itself a lot more quickly, because the customer’s first experience with your product is what they see.

At MIRON Violetglass we take immense pride in how our glass looks. Premium and unique violet glass that stands out on the shelf as well as in homes. However, what we’re just as proud of is how our glass

works. A winning combination of nature and innovation that enables our glass to preserve natural products for longer than any other glass. In other words, a longer shelf life.

Sustainable Packaging and Product Awards

The combination of beauty and practicality has made our glass the first choice for many innovative, natural and prize-winning products. For instance, Argentum, who has won over 30 international awards for its natural skincare products and packaging. And Dr Jackson’s, a plant-powered, science-led cosmetics company, protecting your skin and the planet, and winning numerous prizes.

Twelve Beauty is a revolutionary skincare range using only the purest natural ingredients. They were rewarded with a total of ten awards at the prestigious Beauty Shortlist Awards in 2022. While Von, is winning accolades by providing artisanal home fragrances that are mindful of the well-being of the planet.

Also, Recommended by Michelin Star Chefs

Germany's youngest Michelin Star Chef, Julia Komp, found the perfect packaging solution for her premium olive oil brand, Kenzolie, in MIRON Violetglass. “After testing it, I was convinced that a premium oil’s quality and taste are best preserved in such a special bottle. It also looks amazing.”

Pioneer in the Organic Beauty Movement

Dr Mariano Spiezia has been advocating clean beauty since the 1990s, long before it became a buzzword for organic products. When he and his wife, Loredana, founded Inlight Beauty, they proved that it was possible to create clean and all-natural skincare products without any artificial preservatives. As Dr Spiezia so beautifully puts it: “Only nature respects the nature of your skin.”

As you can imagine, as much thought and meticulous care went into the packaging solution as the skincare products. Loredana’s first experience with our glass: “When we tried it, we quickly noticed that products stayed fresher and more vital for longer. “

Disrupting the Dietary Supplements Industry

Her One reinvented an industry. It was the world’s first 100% natural dietary supplement for women. Founder Chanyu Xu believes that a behavioral change is taking place: “You, as a consumer, want green, sustainable good products.” And why she chose MIRON Violetglass: “Our powder uses precious highly sensitive fresh ingredients; we needed something to protect them in the best way possible."

Learn more about MIRON Violetglass, as well as our many award-winning and innovative customers.

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