Roll-on cap DIN18, Urea, black fitment with stainless steel ball, black cap (for Orion 5-100 ml)

General information

Item code: EGB02A2C002-200
Type of closure: roll-on caps
Glass capacity: 5 ml (1/6-oz), 10 ml (1/3-oz), 15 ml (1/2-oz), 20 ml (2/3-oz), 30 ml (1-oz), 50 ml (1 2/3-oz), 60 ml (2-oz), 100 ml (3 1/3-oz)
Thread: DIN18
Material: Urea molding compound UF
Color: black
Old item code: SV-KES-D18-FSW-SW
Diameter (mm): 22.5 ±0.2
Height (mm): 28.3 ±0.2
Lockable: No
Pcs / box: 1000
Weight (gram): 16

Roll-On insert

Material: Nirosteel AISI 316L
Fitment material: PE
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Product information
This Miron roll-on closure DIN18 Urea with the item code EGB02A2C002-200 belongs in the category roll-on caps. The DIN18 thread is perfect for the Miron glass dropper bottles Orion 5 - 100 ml. Our small roll-ones are usually used for clean and precise dosing of cosmetic creams, for example under the eye.  Depending on the product, there is a choice of three types of balls, namely: glass, plastic, and steel balls. This roll-on closure has a black fitment with a stainless steel ball. The unthreaded cap is moulded on to the neck of the bottle and forms an air‐tight seal. The use of a roll-one is user-friendly, as the product can be applied directly to the (thin) skin with a soft, smooth movement.
At Miron, we offer a total packaging solution. We offer corresponding closures with our unique biophotonic Miron glass.