Pressure sensitive seal, white with black text "SFYP" (for Sirius 50 ml)

General information

Item code: TSC00A1C003-001
Type of closure: seals
Glass capacity: 50 ml (1 2/3-oz)
Design-serie: Sirius
Shape: round
Material: Polysterene / Glue
Colour: white
Old item code: SEAL-OL-CDB50
Diameter (mm): 56,75
Height (mm): 0.6
Lockable: No
Pcs / box: 10000
Pcs / pack: 28
Weight (gram): 0.4
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Product information
The pressure-sensitive seal with the item code TSC00A1C003-001 is specially designed for the Miron wide neck jar Sirius 50 ml with a diameter of 56.75 mm. A pressure-sensitive seal helps to preserve the freshness of the product, helps to prevent oils and liquids from leaking and helps to prevent product contamination. It’s easy to seal, cause disc liners do not require any adhesive or heat induction; and easily peel off for consumer use. On the top, it is written in black and white: sealed for your protection (SFYP). Miron offers a selection of covers to accompany the biophotonic packaging of their cosmetic and wide neck jars families.