Pressure sensitive seal, 47 mm, white with black text (for Ceres 30 ml)

General information

Item code: TSC00A1C009-001
Type of closure: seals
Glass capacity: 30 ml (1-oz)
Design-serie: Ceres
Shape: round
Material: Polysterene / Glue
Color: white
Old item code: SEAL-OL-CDS30
Diameter (mm): 47.70
Height (mm): 0.6
Lockable: No
Pcs / box: 10000
Pcs / pack: 42
Weight (gram): 0.3
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Product information
The pressure-sensitive seal with the item code TSC00A1C009-001 is specially designed for the Miron wide neck jar Ceres 30 ml with a diameter of 47.7 mm. A pressure-sensitive seal helps to preserve the freshness of the product. It’s easy to seal, cause disc liners do not require any adhesive or heat induction; and easily peel off for consumer use. On the top, it is written in black and white: sealed for your protection (SFYP). Miron offers a selection of covers to accompany the biophotonic packaging of their cosmetic and wide neck jars families.