Lotion pump extended nozzle, 24/410, PP, black, smooth, dose 0.50ml, security clip (Virgo/Draco 200)

General information

  • Item code: ABB15A3C004-200
  • Type of closure: pump caps
  • Series: extended nozzle
  • Thread: 24/410
  • Dose: -
  • Tube length: 115 mm
Tube length for
Draco 200 ml
Product description

General information

    General information

  • Height: 55.7 mm
  • Diameter: -
  • Weight: 17 gram
  • Over cap

  • Type: Safety Clip
  • Material: PP H
  • Color: black
  • Pump cap

  • Dose: -
  • Thread: 24/410
  • Lockable: -
  • Material: -
  • Seal material: -
  • Actuator material: PP H
  • Color: black
  • Tube

  • Tube length: 115 mm
  • Tube material: LDPE / LLDPE
  • Tube color: transparent

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  • MOQ: 30
  • Pcs / pallet: 7.560
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