Lid Classic 38 special, Urea, black, semi-glossy finish with violet Phan inlay (for Ceres 15)

General information

Item code: EGA01A1A002-200
Type of closure: lids
Glass capacity: 15 ml (1/2-oz)
Thread: special
Series: classic
Design-serie: Ceres
Shape: round
Material: Urea molding compound UF
Color: black
Old item code: DE-KL-CDS15-E1-SW
Diameter (mm): 42.8 ±0.2
Height (mm): 14.5 ±0.2
Lockable: No
Pcs / box: 728
Weight (gram): 8

Violet sealing element

Epe-density: 200 gr / dm3
IDPE-thickness: 40 μm
Material: PHAN
PET-PE-thickness: 62 μm
Thickness: 1.5 mm
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Product information
This Classic Lid has a 38 special thread and is specially designed to fit our 15 ml Ceres Cosmetic Jar. MIRON offers both classic and modern lid designs. This lid has a classic lid design, which is known for its curved shape with rounded edges. It is made from an amino plastic called Urea Formaldehyde (UF) and has a black semi-gloss finish. This material is regarded for its high strength and rigidity. Each lid includes a violet-colored sealing element to enable the jars to be hermetically sealed. This element is made from PHAN, a three-layer laminated product consisting of two layers of solid PET films on the outside and a layer of EPE foam on the inside. The foam center core ensures an airtight seal, protecting the contents inside of the jar.