Cosmetic jar Sirius 15 ml, 39 special thread, Miron

General information

Item code: HF11034-204
Product type: cosmetic jars
Glass capacity: 15 ml (1/2-oz)
Thread: special
Design-serie: Sirius
Shape: round
Material: MIRON glass
Old item code: CD-B-15
Capacity to brimful: 18,0 ±1,0 ml
Capacity to fill point: 15 ml (1/2-oz)
Diameter (mm): 45,6 +1,2 / -0,6
Height (mm): 25,8 ±0,6
Lockable: No
Pcs / pack: 56
Pcs / pallet: 13440
Weight (gram): 43
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Product information
The 15 ml Sirius Cosmetic Jar is part of the Sirius product family. These modern, wide cosmetic jars are an ideal primary packaging choice for products that promote an enhanced appearance, including creams, balms, masks, salves, or butters. The jars wide mouth opening makes it easy for your customers to access the product they are applying. Since it is the same size at both the top and bottom of the container, these jars are easily stackable to create beautiful product displays. The 15 ml Sirius jar has a height of 25.8 ±0.6 mm, a width of 45.6 +1.2 / -0.6 mm, and weighs 43 g. This round cosmetic jar has a special thread, which pairs with MIRON’s modern lids. These contemporary lids feature straight edges and either a smooth or a glossy finish, giving your product a sleek, modern look. Under the lid, pressure sensitive seals can add a protective layer to natural products within the Sirius Cosmetic Jar. In addition, disk liners fit well in cosmetic jars and add a layer of protection and design to your product. They provide a functional barrier when packing powders, creams, and other natural products. The Sirius Cosmetic Jar family comes in five different sizes for all your needs, varying in volume capacity from 15 ml (1/2-oz) up to 200 ml (6 3/4-oz).