Cosmetic bottle Virgo 100 ml, 24/410, Miron (an)

General information

Item code: HF12825A-204
Product type: cosmetic bottles
Glass capacity: 100 ml (3 1/3-oz)
Thread: 24/410
Design-serie: Virgo
Shape: round
Material: MIRON glass
Old item code: CFL-100
Capacity to brimful: 108,0 ± 2,5 ml
Capacity to fill point: 100 ml (3 1/3-oz)
Diameter (mm): 47,5 + 1,2 / -0,6
Height (mm): 107,5 ± 0,8
Lockable: No
Pcs / pack: 53
Pcs / pallet: 3392
Weight (gram): 143
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Product information
The 100 ml Virgo Cosmetic Bottle is known for its elegant ‘squared shoulder’ design, which creates a modern look that makes your cosmetic or skincare brand stand out. This luxurious bottle has a height of 107.5 ±0.8 mm, and a width of 47.5 + 1.2 / -0.6 mm at the base. Unfilled, this bottle weighs 143 g. This versatile round bottle is perfect for storing your liquid cosmetic products and can hold up to 100 ml (3 1/3 oz). The 100 ml Virgo pairs with a wide selection of pumps, caps, spray caps, and pipettes with the thread 24/410. The 100 ml Virgo is part of the MIRON cosmetic bottle family, which includes five different bottles and a range of volume capacities from 15 ml (1/2-oz) to 200 ml (6 3/4-oz). This line is the perfect compliment to our modern and stylish cosmetic jar collection.