Time to Change the Way We Treat Our Skin: Skinimalism

One of the key beauty trends for this year is for consumers to go back to basics. Starting in 2020, beauty consumers were moving away from the so-called “cake-on makeup look” to a movement of slow beauty - letting natural skin texture shine. They are now looking for a minimalistic beauty routine that is sustainable, easy to apply, and of course, good for their skin. This trend is called Skinimalism and was forecasted a.o. by Pinterest’s 2021 Trend Prediction Report.

The Hottest Trend: ‘Skinimizing’ on Beauty Products

With the rise of the pandemic last year, a significant impact was detected when it came to sales of prestige beauty.

Specifically, in the product groups facial creams, cleansers, and scrubs are where beauty consumers have gone back to basics - leaving the extra layers such as eye treatments or facial masks aside, minimizing the products they use. And as consumers become more conscious and place more emphasis on sustainability, skinimalism has become increasingly relevant. It is now a trend that features minimalistic skincare and makeup routine followed with a back-to-basics approach. Buying habits changed to fewer products, and the products that are chosen are more purposeful. Therefore, many beauty brands have chosen to focus their messaging on naturalness and the active ingredients in their products.

Looking at the numbers provided by Pinterest, four times increase in searches year on year was found for glowing skin how to get naturally and facial yoga exercises. And for the same period, the number of searches increased for homemade skincare (110%), aloe vera face mask (115%), and natural everyday makeup (180%).

Minimalistic Formulas Require Protection

For everyone that is in this business, we know you have put a lot of time and effort into creating the perfect formulation and we are also aware that natural ingredients are fragile. Therefore, choosing the right packaging is extremely important and we are more than happy to help you with that. MIRON glass preserves your natural products with the best protection your product can have. With the help of some MIRON magic, you can offer your clients clean and natural products with a higher bioenergetic value and an increased shelf life! Curious how it works? Watch the video here.

With the right product offering, skincare companies can now assist their target audience properly in streamlining their regimes and exploring clean products. On top of, product developers can focus on the creation of circular beauty [see blog post], and make-up labels to share tips and tricks on how to create a natural beauty look.

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