Meanwhile at the Office

Preserving the essence of natural products is at the core of our business. To make sure we practice what we preach, we have been translating this concept to our office-environment, with the goal of preserving and promoting energy within our workspace. In doing so, we stimulate vitality and new ways of working.

New ways of working include improving the working experience through better workstations. To achieve this, we have intergraded flexible desks that allow for a choice between standing and sitting work positions, along with a dynamic layout of spaces - promoting collaboration, creativity, and an open working atmosphere. In addition, we have taken in a variety of plants within our office space – stimulating a fresh air cycle and creating a pleasant work atmosphere that goes hand in hand with the air filter system that contributes to clean, allergen-free air.

For those who want to relieve some stress or just get energized, Bellicon’s trampolines are there to boost one's physical health. The mini trampoline has several positive effects on the body, one of these benefits is that it effectively strengthens the cardiovascular system and all the muscles, another benefit is that it is a great way to develop a better posture.

Going beyond physical health, we have also introduced the Mindfulness concept, where, in a proactive way, each colleague can optimize their level of well-being while reducing their level of stress through a simple set of mindfulness exercises. We have also introduced ‘deep work’ or silent hours, to make sure we make the most of our productive time in the morning.

Besides this, we also believe it is important to promote a healthy diet as it provides all the nutrients you need to keep your body healthy and feel fit and energetic. So, a free and healthy lunch is offered with, of course, the fresh and healthy ingredients that we admire. From tomatoes and homemade soups to freshly squeezed juices. After all, it is food for thought and helps us proactively encourage a healthy and natural work environment. As we leave the office building, a special terrace has been set up with outdoor picnic tables so that our team can enjoy their lunch and the sun, because we all know about the positive effects the sun has on us, including our mood.