Reduce, recycle, rebottle together!

The future is now, and we cannot change what has already been done. But we can choose to make a better tomorrow. We can plant trees, place beehives, embrace sustainable options, upcycle products, change our diets and prevent the negative impact on life below water and on land. We are a community with a heart for nature, so let’s cooperate and get active together.
Let’s be bold, let’s stand out and show us what you do with your empty bottles!
  Join the #MironGreenChallenge 

1. Join us and let us know how you're upcycling your bottles to make a better tomorrow! Show us what you do via the #MironGreenChallenge 

2. Why the type of packaging matters in the way to a sustainable future. Read more about this on our Sustainability page.

3. The latest industry news gives a promising outlook towards a more sustainable future. Read in our latest blog how Green Chemistry is becoming the foundation of pure beauty products and how it is applied throughout its life cycle.

Let’s be bold, let’s stand out
  Join the #MironGreenChallenge 
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