Shouldn’t Every Day Be
Global Recycling Day?

This year, 18 March is Global Recycling Day. A moment to stop and reflect. A time to think about the consequences of our actions. Every year, humanity extract (mining, quarrying, logging) billions of tons of natural resources from the Earth, that is transformed into consumable goods. While producing more than two billion tons of solid waste, with over 30% of that not managed in an environmentally safe manner. Obviously, we can’t continue like this.

For the Good Health of Our Planet

Global Recycling Day is when the world comes together and puts the planet first. To change the mindset of governments, organizations, communities and individuals all around the world. Recycling is critical for the good health of our planet. When we recognize this, we also see that each of us can make a difference. Quite simply, when you recycle, you literally reduce the amount of waste produced every day. That’s a great feeling.

Preserving Ecosystems and Wildlife

When we choose to cut down fewer trees, we help preserve ecosystems and wildlife. We can help personally, by recycling all our paper waste, which means less trees need to be chopped down. Recycling also helps us preserve the planet’s natural resources, many of which are becoming scarce.

Plastic is another easy win, by deciding only to use recycled plastic, or where possible, no plastic at all. Not only is “regular” plastic made from fossil fuel, like crude oil or natural gas, it can take centuries for Mother Nature to break it down.

Recycling Saves Energy

Did you know that making products from recycled materials requires a lot less energy? For example, recycling just one glass bottle saves enough power to light a 100-watt light bulb for four hours. Imagine the difference you’re making, if you recycle just four or five glass bottles every week! Your actions lead to a chain reaction, because recycling takes less energy, it reduces your (and our) carbon footprint. That lessens the release of methane from waste on landfill sites, decreasing the damage to the Earth’s climate.

Bringing People Together

We hardly give it a moment’s thought, but by recycling household rubbish (as much as possible) it will save us money, compared to the usual method of waste collection and disposal. The same goes for deposit returns on glass, plastic and metal containers. A small incentive to do the right thing. Recycling is also a way of bringing people together. Beach and local neighborhood cleanups create a sense of community. Recycling drives can raise money for schools, hospitals and other good causes. Making villages, towns and cities happier and cleaner.

Knowledge Is Recycling Power

Knowledge is recycling power. By raising awareness, teaching people about the importance of protecting the environment and most importantly, what to do. Equipping future generations with the wisdom and understanding needed to recycle and further reduce the pollution that we create.

Recycling creates millions of jobs, not just from the recycling itself, but
also all the new products created from recycled materials. It’s been estimated that recycling and reusing creates nine times more jobs than landfills and incinerators.

100% Recyclable and Sustainable

As they say, a better world starts with yourself. We’re proud to be in a business, which in its very nature is recyclable and sustainable: the glass business. In its basic form, glass is produced from sand, limestone and soda ash, all natural and abundant raw materials. Endlessly recyclable, with no loss in quality. In fact, 2022 has been designated by the United Nations as International Year of Glass. Acknowledging the importance and contribution of glass to global society.

MIRON’s Violet Glass: The Best of Nature
and Science

MIRON’s violet glass bottles and jars have many other special qualities. A combination of traditional glass-making techniques and cutting-edge scientific research has helped us produce glass that preserves natural products for longer than any other glass, plastic or aluminum packaging. A longer shelf life means less waste and therefore, is more sustainable.

Beauty and Practicality

Our bottles and jars aren’t just practical they are also beautiful. Designed to be reused at home as an attractive object d’art. Beauty that is more than glass deep. We have an extremely extensive assortment of pump caps, spray caps, pipettes, dropper caps, pourer caps, screw caps, roll-on caps, lids and seals. Which makes them useable and reusable for every possible purpose.