Why Is Water Best Stored in MIRON Glass?

Dr. Masuru Emoto became world-famous with his sensational discovery and photography of water crystals. He discovered that water builds different types of crystals that can have different levels of coherence with highly disorganized and chaotic on one end of the spectrum and beautifully ordered and highly coherent on the other end. The water of Lourdes e.g. is apparently very well ordered and pristine.

Mostly through light energy, nature is perfectly capable of putting water into order. The more biophotons water contains, the more ordered it looks. The more ordered water is, the better it is able to perform certain tasks like disposing of waste in a living cell, absorb temperature changes and protect against negative energetic influences.

For a healthy life, humans need to consume about 1,5 to 2 liters of water a day. Unfortunately, most water is such unstructured in quality that it is basically dead water. The more the water is structured the better it is for the human body.

Water can improve its structure if it is stored in MIRON bottles and exposed to sunlight. With the improved structure, water will also become softer and sweeter and, thus, arguably, tastes better than common bottled water.