Meet the team


Responsible for making the magic happen. Regardless of their position, our colleagues are valuable, bring their authentic selves to work and operate as one team. Because everyone has their own skills and competencies, we can rely on each other's expertise. After all, no one can do as much as one team together.

Patrick Goor

Business Development Manager

"At MIRON, the price is what you pay, but the value is what you get: extended shelf life, revitalized content, and many more."

Mayra Numan

Account Manager

"I'm excited to help you make your brand unique yet recognizable to others."

Mark Cremer

Account manager

"A goal is a dream with a deadline. Whether for a single project or building an entire brand, I am here to help you realize it."

Marco Schippers

Account Manager

"Customer relationships are my highest priority. I’m happy to think along with all your product-related questions."

Ramon Landkroon

Account Manager

"Each brand has its own persona. That's what sets them apart. It's why I look at each person or brand seperately and find a tailored approach for each person."

Marijn van der Linden

Account Manager

"A client satisfaction doesn’t come from what we occasionally do. It comes from what we do consistently."

Jesse Ligneel

Junior Account Manager

"By combining an open mind with a listening ear, I will not only be able to answer your questions, but also bring fresh ideas to the table."

Peter Harkes

Customer Service

"Your future is shaped by how we can help you and your business today, not tomorrow."

Nicolette Breider

Customer Service

"Feedback, questions, and ideas are unbeatable to grow and develop together. So, what can we do for you?"

Dennis Griemink

Head of Marketing &

"The best marketing doesn't feel like marketing. So, instead of interrupting, we work on attracting the right customers."

Viyella Beckman Lapré

Brand Communications Manager

"It always seems impossible until it is done like a glass that filters harmful rays of light to protect and vitalize its contents."

Sarita Evers

Executive Assistant

"We define success as working with personal dedication and commitment in a cohesive team."

Tessa van Veluw

Head of Finance

"As a team, we process and understand the impact of data and communicate those findings to other stakeholders."

Michael Salib

Administrative Assistance

"Utilizing my analytical skills with precision and speed, I contribute to the continuous optimalization of internal processes and user experiences."

Tom Fuhler

Financial Controller

"The combination of accuracy and speed helps me to arrange the proper documentation in a timely manner so that your order can be shipped."

Marjolijn Muskee-Rienties


"Once your order is placed, I will ensure the proper handling of the invoice flow so that your order can be shipped as quickly as possible."

Jarno Smit

Supply Planner

"Establish, optimize, authorise, oversee and plan. Good business happens when opportunity meets planning."

Henk Knauff

Head of Sourcing & Supply Chain

"Workflow and processes, and alignment with all stakeholders is key to resolve supply chain challenges."

Sharon Schuur

Assistant Sourcing, Procurement & Quality

"By initiating, organizing and enhancing internal processes and documentation, I provide essential input to MIRON's daily operations."

Manon Jansman

Procurement & Supply Chain Project Coordinator

"Innovation drives us forward. We’re always looking for the latest developments by finding creative sourcing solutions."

Steven Bisschop

Operational Buyer

"By partnering with the right suppliers under set delivery times and quality requirements, we always guarantee in-stock and quality products."

Thijs-Jan Smid

Quality Specialist

"Quality is the best business plan. We go to great lengths to ensure that every product meets the highest standards."

Freek Bos

IT, Data & Integration Manager

"If everything else fails, trust in processes, data and integrations is the concrete keeping the machine afloat."

Dinand Steenbergen

Warehouse Manager

"Customer focus, delivering quality and commitment is what our team stands for every day."

Denise Nijenhuis

Warehouse Foreman

"In the warehouse, succession is the sum of small efforts, which are repeated on a daily basis."

Armin Vredevoort

All-Round Logistics Employee

"Being able to combine precision with speed is our key to getting your order ready quickly."

Frits Westenbrink

All-Round Logistics Employee

"By owning an efficient and effective warehouse layout, we can ship your order as quickly as possible."

Daniël Hummel

All-Round Logistics Employee

"Our job is to run the warehouse as efficiently as possible so that we can dispatch your order promptly and accurately."

Ilse Juurlink

All-Round Logistics Employee

"Accurate and precise packing goes to the extent of our tiniest products, including resizing a lotion or pump spray."

Willy Langenberg

All-Round Logistics Employee

"Every day we make effort to ensure that the correct items reach the customer on time."

Alwin Offerein

All-Round Logistics Employee

"We collect, pack, and dispatch your order in such a way that you get the most out of a pallet or box."

Martijn Otten


"We are a specialized company exporting worldwide, this success is made possible thanks to good cooperation with our local partners."

Evert de Boer


"Coming across MIRON and the books of Jakob Lorber, made me aware that Sunlight is the true source of Life."