Nutrition, Health & Well-being

Attitudes to health and nutrition are undergoing fundamental change. Consumers are more conscious about personal health and more aware of their daily behavior. There is a growing desire for a balanced lifestyle and maintaining mental health. Also, a strong emphasis on natural and organic products, focusing on a diet that is low in sugar, low in carbohydrates, low in calories and high in protein. This often includes locally sourced, minimally processed foods and vegan products.

The public are looking for additional support for their bodies. Getting nutrients and vitamins through supplements, focusing on fitness, health and wellness for the long-term. Avoiding, as much as possible, ill health later in life.

Key trends include sustainable eco-friendly nutrition, vegan plant-based foods, personalized nutrition and biohacking. Biohacking is also known as do-it-yourself biology, where individuals, communities and small organizations are finding their own methods to improve their health. After all, there are few consumer products more personal than what you eat and what you need to stay vital. Customized, all-natural, personalized nutrition is on the rise, and it requires packaging that fully guarantees its potency and lifespan: MIRON’s violet glass.

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Cosmetic Bottles

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DDiscover our wide range of small bottles, ideal for holding OTC health products, syrups, liquid vitamins, supplements, treatment oils and many other liquids.


Wide Mouth

Our jars are the perfect packaging for personal health products, like vitamins, dietary supplements, and other nutritional aids for personal health care.


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Apothecary Jars

Get back to basics, with our classic apothecary jars. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, used to store pure and compound medicines, both in dry and liquid form.


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Always make sure to select the right closure, the right seal or the right accessory to best protect the properties of your personal healthcare products.



Lifestyle brand her1 disrupted the dietary supplement industry by developing a 100% natural probiotic powder mix for women packed in MIRON glass. Founder Chanyu Xu shares her journey about creating her1's unique pink powder mix and finding the best packaging solution: sustainable, premium, and preservative MIRON 400ml SATURN jars.