Water Bottles

Our glass water bottles are ideal for all kinds of liquids: syrups, juices, water, etc. Next to retail, the bottles are often used by restaurants, hotels, offices and gyms in order to store and serve healthy water to their customers. Currently our range consists of two bottle types. The retro look bottles, Aquarius, come in four sizes (100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 L) while our smooth looking bottle, Aguila, has a filling capacity of 500 ml. The smaller drink bottles are also perfect for personal or home care use (soap dispensers, home fragrance trigger sprays, etc.).

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Let’s talk about threads

...But what exactly are threads?

Simply put, threads are the protruding lines around the neck of the bottle. They ensure that the matching closure will have a tight fit to protect your natural products from being tampered with or from leakage. The thread size depends on the size of the bottle neck as well as our closures. Our bottles and jars and corresponding closures must have matching threads. If in doubt, it’s always advisable to contact our sales department.

PP28 and 28ROPP

Unlike the dropper or cosmetic bottles, which feature DIN or GPI/GCMI threads, our water bottle range comes with either a PP28 or a 28ROPP neck finish. PP stands for pilfer- proof, and the acronym ROPP means roll-on-pilfer-proof. The threads and matching closures guarantee that your natural products are protected from being tampered with. Perfect with our pourer or screw caps, including tamper-evident or child-resistant features. Ensuring effortless and elegant consumption of any kind of liquid, while leaving no doubt that your products are free from any tampering.

At MIRON Violetglass we ensure that our closures always fit the corresponding bottles and jars. However, sometimes it can be a bit of a challenge to find the right glass packaging to fit the needs of your natural ingredients. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have, and to become part of your product journey.

For more information about threads, visit our Neck Finishes Explained guide.