Natural Healing

Natural healing covers a wide range of health and wellness products. From herbal supplements and essential oil blends to cannabis-based tinctures, oils and creams, like hemp oil. Packaging is important for almost every product. More so, for natural healing, especially hemp oil products, because they are extremely fragile compounds.

Natural healing products must be protected from exposure to light, heat and air, as they all play a role in breaking down the potency of the contents. Put simply, there is no better choice for this than MIRON’s violet glass.

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Our DIN18 dropper bottle is inspired by the Boston Round shape, designed so that the slope of the round shoulders allows products to easily slide out when tilted. It’s perfect for any oil or serum, with a full range of functional closures to match.



MIRON’s violet glass is non-porous, impermeable and environmentally friendly. Glass containers ensure that chemicals don’t interact with the contents, so they are the best choice for natural healing creams and powders. Add to that the extra-long shelf life. You can also choose packaging that is secure, sealable and child-proof, especially useful when customers keep your products in their home.


Closures &

Choose the right closure for your bottle or jar. Make sure the packaging provides the right experience for your customers and complies with the various and continually changing regulations.