Cosmetics & Skincare

Natural skincare, organic cosmetics, clean beauty and wellness products. They need packaging that protects the contents, prolongs the shelf life, and still looks stunning. Clean, clinical, simple, functional, modern, thought-provoking and minimalistic are descriptions often used by those developing personal care products. The packaging should reflect the simply formulated natural products inside, conveying the true purity of the ingredients. MIRON’s violet glass is not purely an aesthetic choice, it has a vital and practical function, which is to preserve the quality of natural formulas

“Light has a negative impact on essential oils. For their protection, we chose MIRON glass, the gold standard in this category.” – A satisfied MIRON customer.

Product range

Dropper Bottles

Cosmetic Bottles

Wide Jars

Standard Jars


Make your beauty brand stand out with our luxurious cosmetic bottles. Protect your pure and natural beauty products elegantly in our bottles, available from 15 ml (1/2-oz) to 200 ml (6 ¾-oz). Perfect for all applications, be it serums, lotions, sanitizers, perfumes or oils.



Our series of cosmetic jars is the ideal premium packaging for products that clean, beautify and promote an enhanced appearance, including creams, balms, masks, scrubs, ointments and butters.



Closures perform a variety of functions, based on size and content. We offer all relevant closures for the cosmetics market, such as pumps, pipettes, sprays, caps and other accessories.