The Flow of Life

Why do things in life happen the way they do? How does a chance encounter change your
whole life? How can pain and adversity lead to something positive and good? These are questions many of us ask ourselves. These are the questions that shaped Evert’s life. As well
as his defining role for MIRON Violetglass.

A Family Business

Born into a family of shopkeepers, Evert didn’t really have much interest in shopkeeping. His two joys were sport and medicine. However, when the call came from his parents to help with the family business, he took over and worked there for 18 happy years. During that period, he had what seemed like a minor car accident. However, the painful effects lingered for 18 months, followed by a severe depression. Evert knew that he needed to live a healthier lifestyle, his positive mindset allowed him to only look at the good things he had learned during this period of adversity. He always saw the world in terms of the glass is half full, rather than half empty.

Magical Sunrays

In the early 1990s, his father passed away and he realized that his mother was suffering from ill health. Doctors could find neither the cause nor the cure. As his mother’s illness worsened, Evert had to do something. That’s when he turned to alternative medicine. And that’s when he found out that his mother had over 250 food allergies. Still, she was losing weight and becoming sicker. Evert took the advice of a holistic doctor and moved to Portugal. For the increased exposure to the sun’s magical rays, sun-enriched natural foods and his first experience of MIRON’s sun healing remedies. Also recommended by the holistic doctor. The results were truly miraculous, Evert’s mother eventually regained her vitality. Amazed and intrigued by MIRON’s violet glass, Evert decided to investigate further. As he said himself: “I could see that the glass was working, but I had no idea why it was working.”

Seeing the World Through Violet-Tinted Glasses

Did Evert find MIRON Violetglass? Or did MIRON Violetglass find Evert? The holistic doctor who had recommended their healing recipes, told Evert that the company was in financial trouble, could he help? Evert believed and invested, he was smitten with the mysterious qualities of the violet glass, it moved him. So much so, that he eventually went to Switzerland to become the CEO of the company. These were not easy times, the company spent many years trying to find its path. It had to be reorganized, reinvigorated and reinvented.

Millions of Biophotons

And rehoused, to Evert’s hometown, Hoogeveen, in the Netherlands. Guided by Evert, the company invested time, money and energy into the science behind violet glass. Biophotonics. Biophotonics is the study of the invisible rays generated by almost all living cells. He was amazed, because it is amazing, that we are all absorbing and emitting millions of biophotons all the time. Even more exciting: the growing weight of evidence showing that absorbing more biophotons increases vitality and prevents disease. So, how do you absorb more biophotons? By exposing yourself to more sunlight and eating more natural foods. Just like Evert’s mother had done, all those years ago, in Portugal!

Ahead of Time

Perhaps Evert was ahead of his time. Sustainability, circularity and following nature’s way is a philosophy he has followed for almost thirty years. And that was also part of MIRON Violetglass from the very beginning. He’s as curious today as he always was. Reading and learning more about the amazing effects of the sun’s rays. Still investing in new ideas and new research into MIRON’s violet glass and the vitality of products. Evert’s fire of ambition still burns: that everyone, individuals, families and communities, should all benefit from the biophotons in natural products.

Sharing It With the World

Evert’s dream was to share the magic of violet glass with the world. That others could understand and feel the healing powers of sunlight. Thousands of clients in more than 70 countries means that the company is certainly starting to realize his dream. Creating not just a worldwide brand, but also bringing us closer to our true nature.