Bowl Polaris 100 ml, Miron, custom grinded lid

Información general

Item code: VI000000-204
Tipo de Producto: especialidades
Capacidad del cristal: 100 ml (3 1/3-oz)
Colección: Polaris
Forma: redondeada
Material: MIRON glass
Código de artículo antiguo: VGS-100
Capacidad para llenar el punto: 100 ml (3 1/3-oz)
Diámetro (mm): 122
Bloqueable: No
PC / paquete: 36
PC / palet: 1296
Peso (gram): 369
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Información sobre el producto
The Miron Glass bowl Polaris 100 ml with the item code: VI000000-204 the one and only in the product family specialties within the design-series Polaris; it has a round shape and can be closed with the supplied custom grinded lid. This is one of the first Miron Glass products. This unique glass bowl can be used to store essential natural ingredients, such as rose petals or dried herbs like; tea, basil, bay leaf, et cetera. It can also be used to soak products. As used to be done with making perfume. The round shape provides enough space for valuable ingredients and gives a feeling of space. Our bowl Polaris has a fill capacity of 100 ml. The bowl is made from high-quality and luxurious Miron violet glass, specially designed and working as a filter blocking harmful rays of light. The protection of the glass assures that taste, smell, color, bioenergy, and product properties remain longer preserved. Learn more about violet glass.