Child-resistant closures

Child-resistant closures are mandatory for certain products to protect children from opening substances that could potentially harm them. They are very common in pharmaceuticals, and also on the natural spectrum, some products should not land in the hands of children—for example, CBD products, vitamins containing iron, and dangerous substances, and more. To keep your products and your children safe, we offer child-resistant closures for our Eris and Orion series. Both certified for the European and US-market: ISO 8317 and US 16 CFR § 1700.20.

Product range

Pipette droppers


Screw caps


Dropper bottles - ORION

The dropper bottle series ORION is ideal for high-quality essential oils, homeopathic products, skincare, lotions, creams, gels, tinctures, and serums. Just to name a few of the many products that are stored best in an ORION dropper bottle, especially when a child-resistant closure is needed. Its design is made for easy product release, allowing the product to drip out when the ORION dropper bottle is tipped over.


Cosmetic jars - ERIS

The jar series ERIS is ideal for creams, balms, masks, salves, and kinds of butter. Next to natural cosmetics, the series is also perfect for holding items such as spices, herbs, CBD products, and semi-liquids. Its new child-resistant closure reduces children's risk of consuming products stored inside, especially CBD or other cannabis-related products.