Prāz Introduces UV Miron Glass Bottles

Prāz Naturals, a skincare company that focuses on fresh all-natural ingredients and clean, easy-to-use products, is using a unique glass bottle to package their skin-oil, protecting the potency of the product and lengthening its durability.

Sun exposure to skin has long been known to cause premature aging, discoloration, and a whole host of damaging effects. Prāz skincare understands that the same harm brought by the sun with regard to human skin can also mar the beauty products we use in trying to offset that same downside. So many packaging materials allow sunlight to permeate and, thus, accelerate the molecular decaying process of the product inside. No matter how eye-catching or aesthetically pleasing the package is, like everything else, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Preserving the essential nature of those products is what Prāz is all about.

“The quality of ingredients that are used in skincare has a direct influence on our health,” said Sasha Nialla, founder/CEO of Prāz. "Packaging has a huge impact on these ingredients. That is why we chose to package Prāz in UV Miron Violet Glass bottles and jars, to protect from the aging process of the natural ingredients while enhancing the potency.”

Much like plants, which need sunlight to thrive, if left in the light for too long, products begin to wilt. When skincare products continue to be exposed to light, they begin to lose potency, because the ingredients start to oxidize and spoil with too much heat and light.

The UV Miron Violet Glass, or Biophotonic glass, blocks the complete spectrum of visible light - with the exception of the violet part, which is what protects the product from decaying and naturally energizes and improves the quality of substances maintaining their vigor without preservatives. There is evidence of Miron violet glass being used by ancient Egyptians as well as during the middle ages. The glass made a comeback in the late 20th century as people began to crave a more holistic approach.

Besides being a beautiful way to present products, the glass is also eco-friendly and 100% recyclable.

“Even before I finished creating our serums, oils, masks, and soaks I knew packaging was equally important. Being an eco-conscious company, we wanted recyclable bottles but did not want to sacrifice the beauty of the products,” explained Nialla. “After extensive testing, we discovered UV Miron Violet Glass surpassed all other glass options. The glass preserves and enhances the quality of the ingredients allowing us to bypass any preservatives and stay true to our philosophy: Every ingredient is an active ingredient—no fillers, additives, or preservatives. We are providing our customers with a high-quality product while lowering our impact on the planet.”

Other glass colors—like blue, green, amber, and clear—allow too much visible light to enter, which damages the product. Although these alternative glass colors are pretty on the shelf, there is zero regard for how they influence product quality. Prāz, on the other hand, is utilizing packaging that preserves powerful botanicals and enhances their effects.

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