Wide wideneck jar 1L with seal

Violetglass product

Item code WHA-B-1LT
Product status In stock
Height 193 ±1,4 mm
Diameter 95 ±1,7 mm
Weight 650 gr
Neck finish GCMI 400/89
Material Mironglass
Cpty to fill point 1000 ml (33 3/4-oz)
Cpty brimfull 1070,0 ±12 ml
Label dim (H x W) 164 x 293,1 mm
Pcs/pack 6
Pcs/pallet 480


Item code SEAL-CDB200/WHAB1LT
Product status In stock
Height 0,60 mm
Diameter 87,4 mm
Material Polysterene / Glue
Colour White
This seal is applicable with dry-goods only

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