Wide cosmetic jar 30 ml with disk liner

Violetglass product

Item code CD-B-30
Product status In stock
Height 29,1 ±0,6 mm
Diameter 55,0 +1,2 / -0,6 mm
Weight 65 gr
Neck finish Special design
Shape Round
Material Mironglass
Cpty to fill point 30 ml (1-oz)
Cpty brimfull 34,0 ±1,2 ml
Label dim (H x W) 11 x 170,9 mm
Pcs/pack 39
Pcs/pallet 8424


Item code ADS-CDB30
Product status In stock
Height 3,5 mm
Diameter 45,8 mm
Weight 2,3 gr
Material A-PET
Colour Black

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