Water bottle 500 ml

Item code SM140013-204     (FL-W-500)
Product status In stock
Height 303 ±2,2 mm
Diameter 62,0 ±0,1 mm
Weight 510 gr
Neck finish DIN-CET PP28 STD
Shape Round
Material Mironglass
Cpty to fill point 500 ml (17-oz)
Cpty brimfull 520,0 ±10,0 ml
Label dim (H x W) 183 x 194,5
Pcs/pack 15
Pcs/pallet 520 / 1080

Select corresponding closure:

    Screw caps - violet sealing element

Lees verder Water bottle 500 ml with screw cap series III and violet sealing element

Series III

    Screw caps - inlay

Lees verder Water bottle 500 ml with child resistant screw cap and violet sealing element

Child resistant

Water bottles

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