Vitamin jar Carina 500 ml, 60 mm special thread, Miron

General information

Item code: SM140003-204
Product type: wide neck jars, vitamin jars
Glass capacity: 500 ml (17-oz)
Thread: special
Design-serie: Carina
Shape: round
Material: MIRON glass
Old item code: WH-500
Capacity to brimful: 530,0 ±8,0 ml
Capacity to fill point: 500 ml (17-oz)
Diameter (mm): 80,1 +1,6 / -0,8
Height (mm): 152 ±1
Lockable: No
Pcs / pack: 12
Pcs / pallet: 576
Weight (gram): 450
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Product information
The 500 ml Carina Vitamin Jar is an elegant, slender jar with a wide mouth opening. This series has a chic, vintage look, with rounded shoulders that help capsules to come out in a controlled manner. This design assists with easy dosing. The round 500 ml Carina has a 60mm special thread, which pairs with a glossy, black lid that includes a violet inlay for the optional protection of your natural products. In addition, pressure sensitive seals can be added under the lid to help preserve the freshness of the product. This jar has a height of 152.0 ±1 mm, a width at the base of 80.1 +1.6 / -0.8 mm, and weighs 450g. The 500 ml Carina is the part of our original wide mouth Carina Vitamin Jar family. This series includes three sizes, ranging in fill capacity from 200 ml (6 3/4-oz) to 500 ml (17-oz).