Vitamin jar Carina 300 ml, Miron, 48/400 thread

General information

Item code: SM140010-204
Product type: wide neck jars, vitamin jars
Glass capacity: 300 ml (10-oz)
Threads: 48/400
Design-serie: Carina
Shape: round
Material: MIRON glass
Old item code: WH-300
Capacity to brimful: 328,0 ±8,0 ml
Capacity to fill point: 300 ml (10-oz)
Diameter (mm): 67,3 +1,4 / -0,7
Height (mm): 130 ±0,9
Label dimension: 102 x 209,2 mm
Lockable: No
Pcs / pack: 20
Pcs / pallet: 1120
Weight (gram): 244
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Product information
The Miron glass vitamin jar Carina 300 ml with the items code: SM140010-204 is part of the family vitamin jars within the design-series: Carina; it has a neck with a 48/400 thread. The narrow wide-neck jar series Carina has a chic and slender look. The glass packers can be used as a supplement container for medicine or vitamins. A perfect alternative for plastic bags, which shows that your brand is environmentally conscious. The standard wide-neck jar series was the first series of wide-neck jars designed by Miron. You can combine the glass jar with a matching smooth closure turn lid and a seal, so the packaging is sealed airtight and is thus food-safe. Due to the rounded shoulders and the wide mouth of the jar, capsules will easily leave the package. Our vitamin jar Carina has a fill capacity of 300 ml, and has a height of 130 mm, with a maximum label dimension of 102 x 209.2 mm. The jars are made from high-quality and luxurious Miron violet glass, specially designed and working as a filter blocking harmful rays of light. The protection of the glass assures that taste, smell, color, bioenergy, and product properties remain longer preserved. Learn more about violet glass.