Mist sprayer Sinfonia stepped, 24/410, PP, black, glossy finish, dose 0.19 ml, with transparent overcap (for Virgo 100 ml)


Item code: FPB15A3B002-200
Type of closure: spray caps
Glass capacity: 100 ml (3 1/3-oz)
Thread: 24/410
Series: sinfonia
Material: PP
Color: black
Old item code: SPV-D0.19-CFL100-KTR-SW
Diameter (mm): 26.8 ±0.2
Height (mm): 37.7 ±0.5
Lockable: No
Pcs / box: 1000
Weight (gram): 6.3

Protective cap

Color: Transparent
Type: Cap

Spray cap

Material of seal: Rubber
Material of pump-injector: PP
Tube length: 77.5 +/- 1 mm
Dose: 0.19 ml
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Product information
The sleek, stepped Sinfonia Sprayer gently mists a thin layer of a product over a large area, preventing them from saturating or soaking the surface. This is ideal for items such as facial mists, toners, perfumes, or other products that require only a thin layer of product to be applied. Each spray dispenses a 0.19 ml product dose. This modern, glossy black pump is made from a high-quality polypropylene (PP), which has a high resistance to chemicals. The transparent overcap closes the sprayer, preventing dirt and dust from being able to settle in the sprayer. This pump cap has a 24/410 thread and pairs with the 100 ml Virgo Cosmetic Bottle.
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