Child-resistant screw cap series III, PP28, tamper-evident, PP, black matt, fine ribbed, pictorial with violet Phan liner (for Aquarius & Aguila)


Item code: RGB02G1A001-200
Type of closure: screw caps
Glass capacity: 100 ml (3 1/3-oz), 250 ml (8 1/2-oz), 500 ml (17-oz), 1000 ml (33 3/4-oz)
Thread: PP28
Series: child-resistant, series III
Design-serie: Aguila, Aquarius
Shape: round
Material: PP
Color: black
Old item code: KVOE-III-PP28-SW
Diameter (mm): 34.4
Height (mm): 4.7 +0.7 / - 0.5
Lockable: No
Pcs / bag: 500
Pcs / box: 2500
Weight (gram): 6.5

Tamper-evident ring

Type: III
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Product information
Screw caps can be used to seal a wide variety of bottles including cosmetic, water, syrup, and dropper bottles. MIRON offers several designs of tamper-evident caps that can be selected based on your preference and needs. Our child-resistant, tamper-evident Series III closures have a thicker rim and are made from multiple molds, using retention fingers on the tear strip. This design not only has a more luxurious look, also is not as easy to manipulate, providing additional protection. This design incorporates additional safety features to prevent children from accessing potentially hazardous products, such as medicine, by providing resistance when a child tries to open the product. The cap first needs to be first pushed down and then turned to open the product. Additionally, the top of the cap includes an illustration to show how to open it. This fine-ribbed, matte black cap is made from a high-quality polypropylene (PP), which has a high resistance to chemicals. Each lid includes a violet-colored sealing element to enable the jars to be hermetically sealed. This element is made from PHAN, a three-layer laminated product consisting of two layers of solid PET films on the outside and a layer of EPE foam on the inside. The foam center core ensures an airtight seal, protecting the contents inside of the jar. This screw cap has a PP28 thread and pairs with the Aquarius and Aguila bottle families.