Screw cap series II and pourer insert with dropper bottle 10 ml of height 70 mm

Violetglass product

Item code FL-10-70
Product status In stock
Height 70,0 ±0,7 mm
Diameter 23,5 +0,8 / -0,4 mm
Weight 35 gr
Neck finish DIN 168 / GL 18
Shape Round
Material Violet glass
Cpty to fill point 10 ml (1/3-oz)
Cpty brimfull 12,5 ±1,0 ml
Label dim (H x W) 43 x 72,6 mm
Pcs/pack 217
Pcs/pallet 19096


Item code SVO-II-GI-D18-SW
Product status In stock
Height 19,9 ±0,2 mm
Diameter 22,0 ±0,2 mm
Weight 2,6 gr
Neck finish DIN 168 / GL 18
Material PEHD
Colour Black
Colour options On request
Pcs/bag 50
Pcs/box 5000

Pourer insert

Type II
Material PEHD

Violet sealing element

Material PELD
Volume Dosage aid without measurement
Colour Transparent

Violetglass product and closure

Height 73,5 mm

Violetglass series with screw cap series II and pourer:

    Dropper bottles

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