Roll-on cap DIN18, Urea, black fitment with polished glass ball, black cap (for Orion 5-100 ml)

General information

Item code: EGB02A2C004-200
Type of closure: roll-on caps
Glass capacity: 5 ml (1/6-oz), 10 ml (1/3-oz), 15 ml (1/2-oz), 20 ml (2/3-oz), 30 ml (1-oz), 50 ml (1 2/3-oz), 60 ml (2-oz), 100 ml (3 1/3-oz)
Thread: DIN18
Material: Urea molding compound UF
Color: black
Old item code: SV-KGP-D18-FSW-SW
Diameter (mm): 22.5 ±0.2
Height (mm): 28.3 ±0.2
Lockable: No
Pcs / box: 1000
Weight (gram): 12

Roll-On insert

Material: Natronglas
Fitment material: PE
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Product information
The Roll-on caps contain a roller ball that is designed to apply a thin layer of product when rolled across the skin. They are commonly used for undereye creams and other cosmetic products. Roller balls are very user friendly, and safe for direct application to the delicate undereye skin area. MIRON offers three different types of roller balls (plastic, glass, and steel) that are better suited for different types of products. This item includes a polished glass ball, a popular choice as it won’t react with essential oils or other mixtures within the bottle. The black fitment is made from a high-quality Urea-Formaldehyde (UF), which is known for its strength and rigidity. There is a black cap that fits over the roller ball to keep it sealed up and clean. This roller cap has a DIN18 thread and pairs with the 5-100 ml Orion Cosmetic Bottle family.