Standard wideneck jar

The standard wideneck jar series was the first series of the wideneck jar family designed by MIRON. It is the only wideneck jar series that has a lid that is not aligned with the body of the jar which gives it a nice retro and vintage effect. The standard jars are available in three different sizes 200 ml (6 ¾-oz), 300 (10-oz) ml and 500 ml (17-oz). The standard wideneck jar 200 ml (6 ¾-oz) and 300 ml (10-oz) have a GCMI48/400 standard neck finish. This is the same as the wide wideneck jar 100 ml (3 1/3-oz)) which means that they fit the same lid size. MIRON also offers to add a cover such as a tamper-evident seal that can be used for dry products only.

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