Glass oil bottles

As the name suggests, our glass oil bottles are mostly used to store high quality natural oils, like olive oil, seed oil, vegetal oil, essential oils and much more. Our glass oil bottles are made from unique patented MIRON glass. This violet glass protects the biophotonic activity of the oils stored in this glass from harmful rays of light. By allowing infra-red and UVA-light beams to penetrate through the glass enriching the contents and protecting against damaging visible-light, the shelf-life will dramatically improve. Our customers invested lots of effort into their products. Our mission is to preserve the essence of their natural products.


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Lees verder Round oil bottles CPR

Round oil bottles CPR

Lees verder Round oil bottles 31.5

Round oil bottles 31.5

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Square oil bottles 31.5


Why is oil best stored in MIRON Glass?

Lots of (lower quality) oils are currently stored in plastic oil bottles. Plastic bottles are not good for the environment and could be harmful to your own health, due to the use of chemicals (like BPA) and to the possibility to ingest tiny bits of plastic as well. Glass oil bottles are an eco-friendly alternative to the plastic bottles, becoming more popular for these reasons. Glass is 100% recyclable, reusable, and not harmful for humans (if ingested) and better for the planet. MIRON glass is more than luxurious glass. MIRON violet glass may look like black glass from the outside, though it is much more than that. Visually when glancing at MIRON glass close to a light source you will see the beautiful violet color that gives MIRON ‘s product its unique look. Invisible to the human eye, part of UVs, infrared but also biophotons and energy is known to play a role in improving the products stored in MIRON glass. So, these well-designed glass oil bottles give a very luxurious and elegant touch to the product while protecting the oil against harmful rays of light.