Child resistant cosmetic jars

The MIRON child-resistant container series contains a special lid which is hard to open for children toreduce the risk for a child to consume hazardous products stored inside. Child-resistant packaging is appropriate for products such as pills, vitamins, CBD or other cannabis-related products that are not meant to be used by children and may be enforced by law. Currently, MIRON offers a 1/6 -oz (5 ml) version; however, as for the other cosmetic jars’ series, MIRON is currently developing and producing an whole series of child-resistant jars varying from 1/6 -oz (5 ml) up to 4 -oz (120 ml).


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The MIRON child resistant options

Next to the child resistant lids for its low jars MIRON also offers child resistant screw caps and child resistant graduated pipette droppers for the small bottles. Interested? Get your quote!


The evolution of the cannabis legislation and its packaging requirements

The cannabis (and its derivates such as CBD or Hemp) regulations are different all over the world. In North America, the policies regarding the medical and recreational use of cannabis are in a complete transition. In Canada for example, the cannabis use is legal for medicinal purposes since 2001 and for recreational since end of 2018. For the States which have legalized cannabis, the requirements about the packaging and labelling are very restrictive. In most of the States that accept a certain kind of cannabis use, the packaging must be opaque, tamper-evident, child resistant and of course protect from contamination. As MIRON violet glass is known to preserve plants and herbs, it was normal for us to develop a child resistant jar and lid so that our customers can comply with all the legal requirements.